Today in English

Hey sweety, how are you.
Today I write in English.
The last days and weeks have been very much happening. Good and bad things.
I have promised that I post a day something in English.
My english is not so good, but I try my best.

On my Youtube Channel you can watch the latest videos.
They are really good and you can see what happened the days and weeks.
I was with my cousin on Bruno Mars concert. It was so exciting and so amazing.He can really good sing and dance. He reminds me of Michael Jackson.

Now I got a bit anxious to go to a concert.

Did you hear what happened in Manchester? :(
 [ After a concert on 22 May in Manchester, a suicide bomber had blown up in the entrance area of the event hall and killed 29 people, including an eight-year-old girl and many more children and teenagers. 116 more people were injured. The 23 year old US pop singer Ariana Grande had shown herself severely shaken by the act. Last Friday, she announced a charity concert, without first calling an appointment. Quelle: ]
Where is the safety?
I was with my cousin in Greece last week.
We were in Thessaloniki. The city is wonderful. The people are so loving.
Thessaloniki is a nice City.
Everything reminded me of my home in Usbekistan.People look like Armenians, this is so good because i feel so good I thought I was with my family.The weather was very nice. I took a lot of pictures. Look at my Instagram - great.greta .
I try to write more times in English. I can learn the language better and at the same time you can read my post from other countries. If you want, I can blogpost any blogpost in German, one time in English.  What do you thing ? If you find that good, then leave a comment or a like.I am writing at the end of my entry or Blogpost a quote or adage.


„A life spent making mistakes is not only more honorable, but more useful than a life spent doing nothing.“
Thank you for taking the time and reading my Post.
  See you soon sweety.

xoxo Greta the Great