Hello my Englishfriends

Hey my friends , today is Friday . Yeahhh
Today i wanted to write in English.

How are you ? Everything is ok?
Do you like my Side?
I will not write much because my English is bad. Sorry

Sometimes I want to write in English.
I have many Reader from another counrties.
I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for that you're always here.

My readers are from all over the world. From Germany, America, from Spain, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Denmark, France and Russia. 
Thank you to all of you . ❤️

Today at work I had so often speak in English.
Actually this is very good because I can learn quickly and fast . 
You Know its very Important for me to learn this language . 
Sometimes it sounds funny but I do not care to. At that time I was ashamed because of my accent.
Now I'm talking almost like Americans. Hahahaha i think sometimes . :)

You Need to know :  You do not feel ashamed -> no matter what you're situation! NEVER

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that's it , Thanks for reading this.
I wish you a nice Friday. 
Enjoy your weekend. 🌛

xoxo Great