Good morning everybody , good morning my English friends🙋🏽💋,

Welcome to my blog-page. First I want to say thank you, thank you that you are here today. 
Today I want to introduce myself.

I am not sure but many of you are from America and that's why I write in your language today.

My name is great, i am 20 years old and live in Germany now for over 13 years and it's amazing.
Germany is a beautiful country and carefree. Germany is like America because you can reach your goals. Germany Dreams like American Dream.
I have wonderful parents and two pretty sisters.
My first video was with my older sister on YouTube.
Here you can see my videos :

I started this year with YouTube and all my videos are in German. But I hope my next video I can moving in English. I'm trying , but I can not promise!
My English is not so good but I learn sometimes with different apps like Duolingo, English-quiz, Engly.

I write or talk about fashion, mode, my lifestyle and all about the world. 

What I like and love:  my family, my friends, my boyfriend, shopping, YouTube, TV, fashion- blogger, dancing, mode, many of Hollywood stars, food ...

What i dont like or hate:  healthy food, arrogance people, Facebook, Kim Kardashian haters, shit bad hair day, if my nails broken,  no money for shopping ...

I think now you know me well.

Have you heard the new? Kim Kardashian West have a baby.

Congratulations Kim K.W for you baby.

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Happy Sunday sweetys.
Today I wrote not so much. if you want that i write again in Englisch then like my post. 🙋🏽

xoxo Greta the Great